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    The port of Zhanjiang, with the Pacific Ocean in the east, Hainan Island in the south, Beibu Gulf in the west and Southwest China in the north, is one of the 25 major seaports along the coast in China mainland.  

    Being the first deepwater seaport designed and constructed by Chinese people after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the port of Zhanjiang was officially put into operation on May 1, 1956. Relying on the 400,000-ton-class deep-water channel, the cargo throughput of the port had achieved over ten million tons of growth every year since 2004. The port’s throughput exceeded 100 million tons for the first time in 2008, exceeded 200 million tons in 2014, and completed 282 million tons in 2017.  

    Zhanjiang Port (Group) Co., Ltd (ZPG), is a foreign-invested joint-stock company held by Zhanjiang City, CMPort , China Baowu and five other shareholders. ZPG has 35 productive berths, including one 400,000 DWT bulk berth, one 250,000 DWT iron ore berth, one 150,000 DWT coal berth, two 300,000 DWT crude oil berths, two 150,000 DWT container berths and a bonded logistics park. The annual capacity of the port exceeds 110 million tons.It provides the best navigation condition and the best discharging facilities for handling crude oil, iron ore in South China.


    ZPG has always upheld its business philosophy and social responsibility -"benefits and harmonious development", and is striving to develop new business forms, improve the main business of the port, enrich the associated industries. ZPG agglomerates the important elements in the supply chain’s upstream and downstream, and provide value-added services such as iron ore blending, screening, trade, and quick quasi-liners. ZPG is also operating dry ports in Dalong ETDZ and Qiandongnan, Guizhou. By connecting the whole logistics channel, we are building the iron ore trade distribution center in South China, the petroleum distribution center in South China, the coal trade distribution center in South China, the regional container transportation center, and the grain fertilizer trade distribution center in Southwest China, and fully unblocking the “One Belt One Road” sea and land transport corridors..

    In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, ZPG will adhere to the concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing”, and thoroughly implement Zhanjiang City's “Four Breakthrough Measures” and “Five Industrial Development Plans”, and deepen the development ideas of “deepwater, large-scale, professional, and international”. ZPG plans to implement five economic strategies such as public terminal operator strategy, moderately diversified development strategy, China cold chain ecological park strategy, full-scale supply chain integration strategy, and “One Belt One Road” southbound passageway strategy. We will build a more open, mutually beneficial, and win-win multi-party cooperation community. It is estimated that by 2022, ZPG can achieve a cargo throughput of more than 200 million tons and a container throughput of more than 1.8 million TEU. We will strive to build the port of Zhanjiang into a regional international logistics center, shipping center, commodity trading center and a regional bonded logistics distribution center.